Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Buzz is Building, let's Fire Luke! Hire Chelsa!

I had to step away from the 'Burghosphere because some of you smart folks were hot on my trail and I had to "cover my tracks" a bit. Nevertheless, Draft Chelsa 2009 appears to be causing quite a stir these days on Grant Street, in the press and apparently in Harrisburg too! The funny thing is I don't know Chelsa personally at all, though I have run into her at a few events here and there, and I came away quite impressed.

I have been hearing that many, many, many people are getting excited about a Wagner vs. Ravenstahl match up, including the Trib, the City Paper and even the Daily Kos. I'm close to a number of people in the Mayor's Mis-Administration and I do know the Dishonorable Luke Ravenstahl is very worried about her potential candidacy, especially his sweaty sidekick Yarone Zober. They should be, she trumps all the PR advantages he had in 2007, she's just as young, much cuter and truly brings a breath of fresh air to local government. People of Pittsburgh we can do this, let's fire Luke and hire Chelsa!

By the way, thanks to everyone for the support and the emails and PLEASE keep pushing Rep. Wagner to run.

FYI: If anyone has a non-government email for Rep. Wagner send it over so we can start filling her inbox with emails to encourage her to run.


Matt H said...

Luke all the way!

Schultz said...

Matt H - what is wrong with you? I might have to take back the nice things I said about you on your blog!

Bram Reichbaum said...

That's just the Committee talking.

ottoblodgett said...

Chelsa is a strong runner, a fierce competitor and a smart cookie. She also understands that the TRUTH could only be good. The current administration seems to run entirely on prevarication and lack of personal responsibility. Her clear thinking and ability to cut through the fog of BS surrounding local politics make her the clear choice for mayor. Let's help her decide to pick up the ball and run with it. We need you Chelsa!