Friday, August 1, 2008

Chelsa hints at a mayoral run?

Yesterday, our next mayor Chelsa Wagner appeared on the Post-Gazette's Website with Bill Toland. The conversation covered a range of topics: The Drink Tax, The Casino, South Hills High School, Transit Oriented Development, Bonus-Gate, City/County Merger and THE MAYOR'S RACE. 

The 15 minute interview moves along pretty smoothly until Bill Toland springs the question, "Will you challenge Mayor Ravenstahl next year?" Our next Madame Mayor, was very coy in her reply stating that, "She'll make a decision about running for another office in November", after her re-election. She also noted that, "I haven't got the kind of cooperation I'd like to see",  from the current administration. Finally, Representative Wagner said, "The City needs a leader with vision". Sounds like a shot across the bow to me. Time to get started on your homemade Chelsa Wagner for Mayor button!