Monday, June 9, 2008

Chelsa 1, Luke 0

Chelsa Wagner might already have a leg up on Mayor Luke. She made a smart strategic move by supporting Barack Obama in the April 22nd primary. That was a smart move for a couple of reasons.
  1. The obvious: Barack won the nomination. While Luke and Dan were parading around with Hillary and the Governor, it looked real good. But the truth is all they were really doing was alienating themselves with the presumptive nominee. I can bet that Obama's camp will remember who was supportive early when it comes time to repay their friends ........ and their enemies.
  2. Barack Obama won the city: Very handily that is, exposing a powerful potential coalition of Progressives, African-Americans and Young People. If a candidate can build a similar coalition they'll send Luke to early retirement and redraw the local electoral map.
  3. Obama supporters: If Chelsa can translate that Obama support into Wagner support, she'll have a formidable base to build from. They could very well be appreciative for the early Obama support and jump on early in 2009.
So there you have it. Chelsa 1, Luke 0. If Obama wins in November the move could be worth two points, or more. Luke it's your move, but I imagine you are not much of a chess player.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Chelsa Wagner?

In the wake of Bill Peduto's announcement that he is not running for Mayor, all those who have Pittsburgh's best interests at heart must convince State Representative Chelsa Wagner to throw her hat in the ring for Mayor of Pittsburgh next year.

Why Chelsa?

Chelsa Wagner has the experience, integrity and commitment to lead our city to back to prosperity.
She can bring new solutions to the old challenges we face. She can be our voice for new ideas to bring the change we need to end business as usual on Grant Street.

Chelsa Wagner has a no-nonsense approach to government that she developed during her experience as an attorney and professional consultant. She has consistently shown the integrity to make the tough decisions and choose the interests of her constituents over the broken politics of Grant Street.

Chelsa Wagner serves her community with respect, distinction and a sense of duty. She is proud to represent her community and the city of Pittsburgh. She carries the principles of hard work, honest and humility she learned growing up in the Beechview section of Pittsburgh.

Chelsa Wagner is the only candidate who can build a winning coalition of progressive, women, African-American, working class and young voters to end the disastrous Ravenstahl Administration. We owe it to the future of the city to draft Chelsa and begin a new chapter in the history of our great city.