Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have Wagner & Peduto officially joined forces?

Sorry for being M.I.A.,

This presidential election is just too captivating.

Anyway, I just got an forwarded an interesting email:

State Rep. Chelsa Wagner & City Councilman Bill Peduto are co-sponsoring a Halloween Party & you're invited!
  • DATE: Friday, October 31, 2008
  • TIME: 8 – 11 p.m.
  • LOCATION: The Priory, 614 Pressley St., Northside.
  • TICKETS: Buy them at the door.
  • COST: $10 for those of you boo-tiful people wearing costumes & $20 for those of you who prefer not to wear a costume. Proceeds will benefit a northside non-profit.
  • No need to rsvp & please bring friends!
Reminds me of an old adage: "I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you." - Exodus Chapter 23:22

Looks like the battle lines are being drawn, the South Hills/East End Alliance appears to be coming together. By the way, has anyone heard about a Chelsa announcement? Rumor has it she has enough votes to win the endorsement RIGHT NOW and That is from a reputable source on Grant Street. Keep up the chatter!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wagner to make major announcement soon?

My sources have informed me that State Representative Chelsa Wagner is getting closer to announcing her run for mayor. The level of buzz and encouragement being generated by Ms. Wagner's potential candidacy is even surprising to this true believer. I am hearing reports that people across the city are putting out feelers for Chelsa. Rumor has it that Chelsa is being courted by some real heavy hitters who are running out of patience with the current administration. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. We are making it happen, let's keep the momentum going.

What i'm hearing out there:
  • Chelsa is a polished young professional
  • Chelsa's office is responsive and effective
  • Chelsa is a hardworker
  • Chelsa is visible and active in the community
  • Chelsa is knowledgeable about the issues and policy

Let us here at Draft Chelsa know what you're hearing out there? Put it in the comment section.

Breaking News!!!

NO CALL NO SHOW #4: A blogger friend of mine told me the Vulnerable Luke Ravenstahl has now successfully stood up the entire democratic ticket. Back in June, the Vulnerable Luke Ravenstahl was MIA when Senator Barack Obama acknowledged him at an event at CMU. I heard that VP Nominee Senator Joe Biden acknowledged him at a delegation breakfast and he was MIA again. Look for those federal dollars to start rolling in!!!

Now back to the current program: Check out for some good interviews with Chelsa from the DNC in Denver

In the meantime: keep up the encouragement and keep making signs and buttons.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Chelsa hints at a mayoral run?

Yesterday, our next mayor Chelsa Wagner appeared on the Post-Gazette's Website with Bill Toland. The conversation covered a range of topics: The Drink Tax, The Casino, South Hills High School, Transit Oriented Development, Bonus-Gate, City/County Merger and THE MAYOR'S RACE. 

The 15 minute interview moves along pretty smoothly until Bill Toland springs the question, "Will you challenge Mayor Ravenstahl next year?" Our next Madame Mayor, was very coy in her reply stating that, "She'll make a decision about running for another office in November", after her re-election. She also noted that, "I haven't got the kind of cooperation I'd like to see",  from the current administration. Finally, Representative Wagner said, "The City needs a leader with vision". Sounds like a shot across the bow to me. Time to get started on your homemade Chelsa Wagner for Mayor button!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Vulnerable Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor of Pittsburgh

Dear Sir,

I want to dedicate this one to you, your Vulnerableness.

From this day forward, I so move to no longer refer to you as "The Honorable", the title traditionally reserved for elected officials. I propose that the fine citizens of this city refer to you as "The Vulnerable", a much more appropriate title for the current mayor of this great city. Even though you are sitting on more cash than a Halliburton executive, you are vulnerable, sir. 

Over the last two years you have exhibited a uncanny ability to be equal parts imbecilic, arrogant and myopic. Sir, your leadership only serves the monied and powerful interests of this city, while masquerading as something fresh, new and innovative. There is nothing new about what is happening on Grant Street, 19th Century politically thuggery with a 21st century marketing machine. From the Regan Nomination, to the McNeilly Case, to the Snow Removal Crisis, to Lamar-Gate, to SUV-Gate, you have continued to raise the bar when comes to utter disregard for not only the public, but also for the office you hold. 

There have been too many stories of unreturned phone calls, drunken episodes at nightclubs and other indiscretions that have cheapened the position you were elected to. I only hope that someone can save this city before you send it to the same early grave your career is headed to.

Mr. Mayor, from this day forward all Pittsburghers shall refer to you as "The Vulnerable Luke Ravenstahl", a tribute to your morally bankrupt, spiritually empty and acutely unethical style of leadership, here's to you your Vulnerableness!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Buzz is Building, let's Fire Luke! Hire Chelsa!

I had to step away from the 'Burghosphere because some of you smart folks were hot on my trail and I had to "cover my tracks" a bit. Nevertheless, Draft Chelsa 2009 appears to be causing quite a stir these days on Grant Street, in the press and apparently in Harrisburg too! The funny thing is I don't know Chelsa personally at all, though I have run into her at a few events here and there, and I came away quite impressed.

I have been hearing that many, many, many people are getting excited about a Wagner vs. Ravenstahl match up, including the Trib, the City Paper and even the Daily Kos. I'm close to a number of people in the Mayor's Mis-Administration and I do know the Dishonorable Luke Ravenstahl is very worried about her potential candidacy, especially his sweaty sidekick Yarone Zober. They should be, she trumps all the PR advantages he had in 2007, she's just as young, much cuter and truly brings a breath of fresh air to local government. People of Pittsburgh we can do this, let's fire Luke and hire Chelsa!

By the way, thanks to everyone for the support and the emails and PLEASE keep pushing Rep. Wagner to run.

FYI: If anyone has a non-government email for Rep. Wagner send it over so we can start filling her inbox with emails to encourage her to run.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Chelsa 1, Luke 0

Chelsa Wagner might already have a leg up on Mayor Luke. She made a smart strategic move by supporting Barack Obama in the April 22nd primary. That was a smart move for a couple of reasons.
  1. The obvious: Barack won the nomination. While Luke and Dan were parading around with Hillary and the Governor, it looked real good. But the truth is all they were really doing was alienating themselves with the presumptive nominee. I can bet that Obama's camp will remember who was supportive early when it comes time to repay their friends ........ and their enemies.
  2. Barack Obama won the city: Very handily that is, exposing a powerful potential coalition of Progressives, African-Americans and Young People. If a candidate can build a similar coalition they'll send Luke to early retirement and redraw the local electoral map.
  3. Obama supporters: If Chelsa can translate that Obama support into Wagner support, she'll have a formidable base to build from. They could very well be appreciative for the early Obama support and jump on early in 2009.
So there you have it. Chelsa 1, Luke 0. If Obama wins in November the move could be worth two points, or more. Luke it's your move, but I imagine you are not much of a chess player.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Chelsa Wagner?

In the wake of Bill Peduto's announcement that he is not running for Mayor, all those who have Pittsburgh's best interests at heart must convince State Representative Chelsa Wagner to throw her hat in the ring for Mayor of Pittsburgh next year.

Why Chelsa?

Chelsa Wagner has the experience, integrity and commitment to lead our city to back to prosperity.
She can bring new solutions to the old challenges we face. She can be our voice for new ideas to bring the change we need to end business as usual on Grant Street.

Chelsa Wagner has a no-nonsense approach to government that she developed during her experience as an attorney and professional consultant. She has consistently shown the integrity to make the tough decisions and choose the interests of her constituents over the broken politics of Grant Street.

Chelsa Wagner serves her community with respect, distinction and a sense of duty. She is proud to represent her community and the city of Pittsburgh. She carries the principles of hard work, honest and humility she learned growing up in the Beechview section of Pittsburgh.

Chelsa Wagner is the only candidate who can build a winning coalition of progressive, women, African-American, working class and young voters to end the disastrous Ravenstahl Administration. We owe it to the future of the city to draft Chelsa and begin a new chapter in the history of our great city.