Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Vulnerable Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor of Pittsburgh

Dear Sir,

I want to dedicate this one to you, your Vulnerableness.

From this day forward, I so move to no longer refer to you as "The Honorable", the title traditionally reserved for elected officials. I propose that the fine citizens of this city refer to you as "The Vulnerable", a much more appropriate title for the current mayor of this great city. Even though you are sitting on more cash than a Halliburton executive, you are vulnerable, sir. 

Over the last two years you have exhibited a uncanny ability to be equal parts imbecilic, arrogant and myopic. Sir, your leadership only serves the monied and powerful interests of this city, while masquerading as something fresh, new and innovative. There is nothing new about what is happening on Grant Street, 19th Century politically thuggery with a 21st century marketing machine. From the Regan Nomination, to the McNeilly Case, to the Snow Removal Crisis, to Lamar-Gate, to SUV-Gate, you have continued to raise the bar when comes to utter disregard for not only the public, but also for the office you hold. 

There have been too many stories of unreturned phone calls, drunken episodes at nightclubs and other indiscretions that have cheapened the position you were elected to. I only hope that someone can save this city before you send it to the same early grave your career is headed to.

Mr. Mayor, from this day forward all Pittsburghers shall refer to you as "The Vulnerable Luke Ravenstahl", a tribute to your morally bankrupt, spiritually empty and acutely unethical style of leadership, here's to you your Vulnerableness!


Bram Reichbaum said...

Schultz, is that you?

Draft Chelsa 2009 said...

Hey Bram, I will neither confirm or deny my true identity. I will say this, if I went public after that last post, i'd be TOAST!

Schultz said...

No, not me! lol

tape_delay said...

That post WAS a little over the top, lol. The real point though is why he is's the vision thing, stupid. See, as a mayor, he is reactive, rather than proactive. That was ok when he was 'interim' mayor, but it doesn't work for a real term.

Take the violence up on the hill in A-town and Beltzhoover, the response? Move the station up into the failed youth hostel (which by the way is just sitting there ever since the URA dumped a truck full of money there) which has no parking...unlike a building close by which does have parking but unfortunately won't cover up any ura blunders...did he think that up himself, or did Yarone help with that one? Ouch! Makes you wonder though...

Back to the point. This place has a load of troubles, from tax free hospital robber barons to a sagging transportation infrastructure, it won't get fixed by knee jerking.

And that's what sets Chelsa apart.